In order to ensure the safety of everyone we will be holding multiple, limited-in- size groups for Rosh Hashanah and Kippur services.  RESERVATIONS  ARE REQUIRED to attend. 

Members of Chabad of Cobb will have first access to the reservation system and are asked to reserve using the links below before SEPTEMBER 6th. In keeping with our tradition of having Chabad of Cobb open to the wider community, we will be taking reservations from non-members starting  SEPTEMBER 6th. Reservations for all options are limited and will be available at a first come, first served basis.  

For MEMBERS: The link below will take you to the renewal forms. Once your forms have been submitted, you will receive a code that will allow you to select options and make reservations for the services of your choice.

For NON-MEMBERS: The Non Member Link link below will take to a reservation system that will open on September 6th. To Become a member and make a reservation before  September 6th see the New Member link below. 

Below is the list of options for Services.
All services will be held with Covid Precautions: Masks are required and everyone is asked to maintain social distancing. There will be touchless doors at the entrances for indoor options. As the shifts are filled, they will no longer be available.


1. INDOOR Traditional Service: Starting at 8:15 am - 11:15 am with a limited number of participants and seats that will be 10 feet apart.

2. OUTDOOR Inspirational 45 minute  services held in open tents. These will be small pods of approximately 35 people per group.  The services include selected prayers, inspirational messages from Rabbi Silverman, mourner's Kaddish, Shofar blowing and Yiskor on Yom Kippur. There will be several time slots available.

3 . INDOOR Inspirational 45 Minute Service:These will be small pods of approximately 45 people per group. The services include selected prayers, inspirational messages from Rabbi Silverman, mourner's Kaddish, Shofar blowing and Yiskor on Yom Kippur. There will be several time slots available.

4. Childrens Programing:   Inspirational 45 minute programs, held indoors, in small group pods with masks required.

5. Services at Your Home: We will send a volunteer to blow the Shofar in your front or backyard to share the mitzvah of hearing the Shofar and an inspirational message sent by Rabbi Silverman. A door or window can be opened and safe distancing will be observed. Availability and times will depend on location of your home and the location of our volunteers.  

Other Options:
1. A DIY High Holiday Box: 
This box includes Chani's honey cake, inspirational messages from Rabbi Silverman, a how-to-at- home guide including some of the specific High Holidays prayers and a special Yiskor booklet.

2. Pre-Rosh Hashanah Live Zoom: You will recieve a passcode for a private Zoom meeting with inspirational messages from Rabbi Silverman and High Holiday songs from Cantor Eli Marcus on piano. This is only available to Members of Chabad of Cobb.