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2020 Historic Torah Dedication Opportunities Form

  • A Historic  Torah Scroll. - The First of its Kind Since Mt Sinai
    The community of Chabad of Cobb set out on a historical mission to unite the Jewish people from all around the world, with Our Land, through  Our Torah. This unprecedented Torah is a powerful statement about the eternal connection that the Jewish people have to our heritage and to our land, Israel. 

    The Torah scribe was given a list of verses, which were to remain unwritten, that connected directly or symbolically to specific locations in Israel. Our group then embarked on a special journey by bus around Israel with the scribe and Torah scroll.

    When we reached those selected locations, the scribe then wrote the Holy words in our Torah scroll, describing the events that took place at those very places.  Therefore, the words in this first-ever to be written in this manner Torah, are not just describing the events that took place at a certain place; the words in our Torah were actually written where the events happened!  On March 8th this historic Torah will be completed with a Joyous ceremony- a once in a lifetime experience
    Torah Completion Ceremony Schedule
    10:30 am Inscribing final letters in the Torah
    11:00 am Parade on Lower Roswell Road Escorted bt Cobb County Police 
    11:45 am - Dancing with The Toras at Chabad of Cobb
    12:15 pm - Festive Lunch
    No Charge 
    To be a Sponsor - Partner in this New HISTORIC  Torah  see below 
    Sponsors above $1800 will be able to write a letter in the Torah 
  • One People - One Community - One Torah

    I / We are honored to participate in the writing of the Community Sefer Torah.
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