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Summary of Laws and Info

Summary of Laws and Info


Summary of preparations

Wait at least five days from the onset of your menstrual cycle. If your cycle begins even a moment before sunset, it counts as the first of the five days.

When your cycle is over, Wash yourself and use a soft white cloth to make your internal examination. It is critical that this examination take place before sunset.

Make daily examinations during the next seven days, once in the morning and once before sunset, particularly the first and last days. Wear white undergarments and refrain from intimate relations during this time.

At the end of seven completely “white” days, you may prepare yourself for immersion. For example, if you made a successful initial internal examination on Sunday afternoon before sunset, you will immerse the following week on Sunday after nightfall. This will be approximately twelve days since the onset of your menstrual cycle.

Bathe and remove all makeup, nail polish, jewelry etc. Trim fingernails and toenails and comb out any knots in your hair. It is important that nothing should come between your body and the Mikvah water.

Please note that a consultation with a rabbi who specializes in the laws of family purity may be necessary if you have any bandages, casts, stitches, temporary dental work or unusual skin condition.

This is a brief overview. Please review the laws in greater detail with a person who is well versed in the laws of family purity. To set up an individualized learning session, please call the Mikvah or email us.

Packets of soft white cloths, ideal for examinations, are available at the Mikvah.
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